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Research & Development
Design Studio
The design studio plays a vey important role in making sure our customers get their goods in time. The changing world of future fashion outlook, fabrics, designs, buying patterns and color trends, usage & habits constantly pose exciting new challenges for our young and vibrant design team.

 Equipped with latest design software and IT systems we delve in research and expand our product offerings enhancing our market perception to meet emerging demands of our customers. It is imperative therefore that we understand the dynamics of fashion technology and its end users and come forth with efficient, prompt and timely solutions offering our customers a clear edge.

To accomplish this we have identified and enamored R&D as one of our key growth component and have set up a very modern and appropriate product sampling centre manned by focused textile technologist.

The center also serves as designing hub where we undertake compatibility studies for various fabrics, dying and printing requirements on stand alone basis thus motivating ourselves to pioneer new designs and processing capabilities.

The designs developed through the software can visually be evaluated by viewing it with pre ordained model. This process results in reduction of time for pre order sampling and hastens the process of order execution in shorter time frame ensuring considerable time saving. Apart from this, the storage of sampling and productions designs for future references is enabled through the design software.